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The Bald Explorer

Bald Explorer

6 x 40 minutes television series in HD, exploring British Heritage with Richard Vobes

The Bald Explorer television series has been transmitted on the Community Channel since 2012 which much success and a second series of six episodes are in the planning stage for 2013 from a broadcast later this year.

Britain is still great. It has great history, great legends and great architecture. The trouble is the British have forgotten. Walk down the high street of any town or village in Britain and you have just brushed past nearly 1000 years of history without even realizing it!

You know that building society you just paid your mortgage in, it was the home of an eccentric Georgian dandy whose sense of fashion was the height of decadence in the 18th century. The quaint timber framed corner shop you bought your daily newspaper in, once had animals slaughtered in the doorway, their carcass hung in the window and pigs blood and offal running down the gutter outside half a century ago. I hate to tell you, but park you scoffed your lunch in, down by the river, was where the tanners worked tirelessly making leather with the stench of urine and faeces all about them some 600 years ago.

The past is all about us but shamefully we have forgotten just where we came from and how lucky we are with all the modern conveniences we have to get us through the day.

Its a good job we no longer have to take sanctuary in a 900 year old church and cling to the alter during a civil war with Roundheads and cavaliers clashing swords and shooting their muskets all about us. Maybe we should...

Fantastic Stories

Fantastic Stories

Imagine if the classic science fiction stories of H.G. Wells, Jules Verne and John Wyndham were not dreamt up fantasy, but actual factual accounts of history.

Martians really did land on Horsell Common in Woking in 1895, man eating plants did wonder the streets eating humans in the late 1950's and during the nineteenth century an expedition was actually carried out to the centre of the Earth!

In this off beat spoof documentary Richard Vobes goes off to prove that although we think the classic sci-fi were works of fiction they actually took place. He uncovers documentary evidence, photographs, old reels of cine film, manuscripts and even living relatives and pieces together the reason these incredible events were made to look like the work of a fantastic mind. It might make you question what you read...

I Come From Mars

I Come From Mars

So we say we are a multi-cultural society do we? Okay, what happens then when we receive a visitor from the planet Mars? Would we know what to do? Would be be hostile or embrace an alien race? Of ocurse we do this all the time on the planet as it is with many different cultures and races of people, but if you change the colour of someones skin to a colour never seen before and suggest they come from another planet would Human Beings behave any differently. That is the purpose of this documentary.

Zoop is an illegal immigrant, an alien to this land who needs housing, employment and a balanced personal life. Only one problem - his skin is green. Will he fit in?

Richard Vobes is an entertainer and used to dressing up in various fun outfits, but the question is will people start to treat him differently if he moves in to a community with green skin and a silver space suit?

Contact Richard Vobes on 01903 217567 or email [email protected] for further information